Album: Blue meets Black (2012)

Song: please not today

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started 1989.playing in the small brisbane punk scene at the nutty Treasury Hotel with bands such as Blowhard,AIM,Dreamkillers,Zoorastia,Regurgatator,Powderfinger,Chopper Division,Screamfeeder,Fur,Budd,Hateman and many others
supporting Nomeansno and playing a slot at the 1995 Big Day Out alongside heros Warumpi Band was a yummy highlight.....
toured melbourne several times and nth queensland...

recorded 1st album "my parents like me now' in 1992
and 'call it what you will' in 1994

band broke up for a few years then returned with a new lineup and recorded a 4 song EP...."good side of town' in 1996..

band folded then reappeared in 2004 with lineup change..

past members...Craig 'spacy' Williams..Dave 'the lips' Thompson
Cameron Ricketts..Christian Seymour..Matty Meehan...Mick Ramali..
.currently working on a new album and ready to start gigging again...

new album "blue meets black' out on Turkeyneck records...brisbane australia